Carole and Roger at Barbrook
Carole and Dr Roger Doonan go to Barbrook to learn more about neolithic stone circles and their uses.
A magic ring
Views over Hope Valley
Views into Derbyshire and Hathersage
an imaginary friend
Carole rushed to hospital
Carole contemplates
Carole takes the day in
three Odyseers
Roger and Carole at Whirlow
Roger explains about the D shaped Henge that has been uncovered at Whirlow.
Carole meets Paul
Paul talks about Psychometry
Past life emotions
Carole coming round after Past life regression with Shauna Naylor
Dore Church
Dore Church
more views over the Surprise
views over the Surprise
Paul's office
Carole talks to Paul about Gillian
Dowsing with Ashby
Carole gets her rods going
Shauna - past lives
Carole and Gillian catch up
Carole catches up with Gillian at Barbrook
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Dore Church

Dore Church